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Bend-Tech SW Module (SolidWorks Interface)

Bend-Tech SW Module (SolidWorks Interface)
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Bend-Tech SW Module

What is Bend-Tech SW Module?

This is a module; Customer must already own the 7x version of Bend-Tech SE.

The Bend-Tech SW Module is an application that takes a designed tube, pipe, or rod from SolidWorks and sends the part geometry directly into Bend-Tech to calculate the correct manufacturing instructions.

After completing the tube design in SolidWorks, select the Bend-Tech icon within the SolidWorks framework and select the green check to send the part into Bend-Tech. Within Bend-Tech, select the tooling corresponding to the radii in the part or allow Bend-Tech to select it for you from a tooling to radius relationship table. In an instant the manufacturing details are available.

Download will be provided with this purchase. (Download link will be sent to your email within 2-5 hours on normal business hours.)

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