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Tube Software Engineer

Tube Software Engineer

Product Bundle

  • TS-Core
  • Designer-Linear 2D
  • Designer-Template Advanced
  • Designer-XYZ
  • Designer-LRA
  • Plugin-Import (STEP and IGES)

Target Audience: The Engineer.

Brief Description

TS Engineer has a small set of designers and plugins working together to do one thing; allow an engineer to take a XYZ or LRA print and convert it to YBC, LRA or XYZ data. Or bring in CAD files via STEP (.stp) or IGES (.igs) and create the data needed for the benders.

Component Details

TS - Core: TS-Core is the backbone of the TS features, libraries, settings, and calculations. In addition, TS-Core adapts the TS Designers and Plug Ins in the product grouping and has open slots for additional TS Designers and Plug Ins you may purchase in the future. Following are some of the high points to the Core:

  • Video Help functions throughout the product.
  • Die Library including stretch calculation wizards.
  • Material Library (round, square and rectangular stock).
  • Manufacturing data; cut length, bend locations, bend angles, rotations between bends, straight tube lengths, bend lengths and weight.
  • Display LRA, YBC or XYZ results.
  • Spring Back recording and calculations.
  • Verify; double check your part design.


Designer - XYZ: XYZ: This 3D designer is extremely easy to follow. Key in your data points in 3D XYZ space representing the ends of the tube and the bend apex locations. When you tab down to the next line the values from the previous data point is automatically filled in, allowing to change only the fields that are needed.

Designer - LRA: The LRA designer has an input of length, rotation, angle and radius. Select a die for each bend and the software will automatically adjust for the difference in radius (if it exists) and create the proper XYZ, LRA or YBC values.

Plugin - Import (STEP and IGES): The solids modeling CAD industry uses STEP or IGES file formats as a way to transfer data between different platforms. The Import Plugin will automatically track the part allowing you to set your material and dies along the way. The CAD data can then be sent to any of TS's 3D designers.

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